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Company Overview

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Kaga Industries Co., Ltd.
President President & CEO Yasunori Tsuchiguro
Established Dec.25.1956
Net Sales  
Head office 1-65-1, Miyaharacho, Kita-ku Saitama-shi, Saitama, 331-0812, Japan
TEL +81-48-663-2061
Domestic sales
TEL +81-48-667-3785
FAX +81-48-651-6720
E-mail E-Mail Address to Head Office
Factory Tei 1216, Mattocho, Ojiya-shi, Niigata, 949-8726, Japan
TEL +81-258-81-3010
TEL +81-258-81-3015
Sales Group
FAX +81-258-81-3021
E-mail E-Mail Address to Factory
Derivation of KCM mark
The company's original name was "Kaga Chain Manufacturing" in English at its foundation.
Since then, the initials of this name "KCM" has been used internationally.

Corporate History

December 1956 Kaga Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded at Yamato Town (Wako City of today), Saitama.
May 1957 Kaga Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. moved to Kushibiki-cho, Omiya City, Saitama.
June 1958 Kaga Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd merged Kaga Chain Manufacturing Limited Partnership Company.
April 1966 The company name was changed to Kaga Industries Co., Ltd.
January 1969 Ojiya Factory was constructed in Ojiya City, Niigata, and started its operation.
December 1979 The Chain Manufacturing Department was completely integrated into Ojiya Factory.
September 1984 The headquarters and Business Department moved to Uetake-cho from Kushibiki-cho, Omiya City.
September 2000 The headquarters and Business Department moved to Miyahara-cho from Uetake-cho,Omiya City.
January 2002 Xiamen Kaga Metal Industries Ltd. was founded in Xiamen, China.
October 2004 Ojiya Factory was affected by Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004.
July 2006 Ojiya Factory moved to Matto-cho from Sakura machi.

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